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You know I have thought a bunch this week on what exactly a refugee is and I can't help but think that the whole concept of it seems rather cowardly to me. According to the dictionary a refugee is someone who was forced to leave their home country - most likely because of war or persecution. Unfortunately I see the things going on in this very country and how our thoughts here on the Hillbilly Radio Network are remarkably unpopular at least if you measure them by the pulse of the mainstream media. So how likely is it for us likeminded persons to find ourselves in refugee status? All of us have heard the conspiracy theories that any wall built in Mexico would be to keep us in as much as to keep illegals out. Would we be trapped if things excelerate beyond where we are currently? Then I think, yeah I sit around and arm chair quarterback these scenario's so there is an obvious sense that down the road it could happen and one should make some degree of preperations for it. So wasn't it the same in Syria (We all know it was)? And if so isn't your home worth fighting for? I would have far more respect for these individuals if it even seemed remotely above board but I seen nothing more than an Arab Spring, Occupy Wallstreet manipulation from top to bottom. I see men saying they are living on the streets with fresh haircuts and groomed beards and my national news comentators tell me they have walked from Syria to Hungary? I can't walk from Newport to Del Rio without 1/4 inch stubble growing on my chin. Then Mysterious buses seem to show up and haul these folks from boarder to boarder where they try to break through barriers and take what they want. Then out of their mouths they talk about brother hood and peace - yet it only seems to be a one way street. Brother hood is about taking care of yourself so your brother doesn't have to. If I were to see a call from the men folk to be armed and head back home and retake their country from Assad or Issis or Cobra Commander I will give the first $50 to lease the first Toyota pick up for them. Refugee's need not apply here in Hillbilly Country. Join us Saturday's 8pm eastern on the Live Stream (Listen Now). Mack